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Zoe's Meats Charcuterie Sampler

Zoe's Meats Charcuterie Sampler

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Try our new Charcuterie Sampler that features all the cured meats you need for the perfect charcuterie board. 

It starts with the Saucisson Sec (12oz).  Our founder was inspired to create this during a trip to Paris where butchers were preparing dry sausages with wine and garlic.  Cut it thick on a bias.

Next you move to our Turkey Salami which is made with turkey instead of pork.  Same idea with wine, and garlic, plus a few black peppercorns.  Most common remark, "I cannot believe this is not pork".

Slice our Absinthe Salami with New Mexican Chili Peppers onto your board and try to really savor the smell and pick out the various flavors that permeate this salami.  It is hard for this one to not be voted favorite on any cutting board.

For those that like a little spice, our Ghost Pepper Salami showcases the hottest pepper on record, but we don't use that much as we want to make sure you can still taste this wonderful salami that also showcases tequila in its recipe.

AND finally, twirl the prosciutto into little roses.  Pork, salt and 12 months of love is all that goes into this product.

1ea 12oz Saucisson Sec

1ea 8oz Turkey Salami

1ea 8oz Absinthe Salami

1ea 8oz Ghost Pepper Salami

4ea 3oz Sliced Prosciutto