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Uncured Spicy Salami Stick
Uncured Spicy Salami Stick

Uncured Spicy Salami Stick

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Some spicy salamis have red or black peppercorns, some have cayenne, but Zoe's Meats' uncured spicy salami is unique. (not over the top hot/but creatively hot)  We have cracked red pepper corns in this salami along with black pepper, but it is the dried Japanese chili that makes it standout.

We grind this chili pepper whole into our salami and by doing so we capture the power of the chili oil that is trapped in the skin of this pepper.  Our nitrite free spicy salami allows consumers to bite into a great tasting salami, with a good balance of pork flavor, salt, pepper and garlic.  At the very end of each bite, the Japanese dried chili steps in with a delicious late heat.  It is actually the oil in the skin of the salami that makes this heat happen.


Ingredients: Pork, Non Fat Dry Milk, Sea Salt, Raw Sugar, Cream Sherry, Peppercorns, Chili Peppers, Natural Flavoring, Garlic, Lactic Acid Starter Culture.

Approximately 2lbs.

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