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When we sat down with our Artisans to create a prosciutto for our product line we took no shortcuts. 

Pure and simple, Italian prosciutto, just the pork leg and salt.  We deliver Zoe’s Prosciutto to you whole and boneless with a classic, mild flavor that is simply delicious.

Size: Whole boneless prosciutto will range in weight from 9-12 lbs.  And pre-sliced version is sold in 1 lb. packages and can be purchased here.

"Hi, I wanted to let you know that your prosciutto is terrific. It 
is as good as the San Daniele Parma. Sweet, perfectly salty, and
sliced thin as it should be. I was born and grew up in Italy and I
know how prosciutto should taste. Yours is wonderful. Grazie!"
- Andy