Many times people ask us how we got into this business, and our response usually includes something about our love for pork fat.  Here is the highest prize:  

Zoe's Guanciale.  Dry cured pork jowls, Guanciale is used in place of pancetta for many traditional Italian dishes, but this is not a good place to stop when thinking about how to use Zoe's Guanciale.

Zoe's Guanciale is akin to Pork Butter.  Velvety smooth pork fat with hints of garlic and rosemary.  Sliver it thin on some crostini or drape it over a scallop.   Zoe's Guanciale is a creative interpretation of a classic dry cured meat. 

Let us know what you think.

Size: Approximately 2 pounds, 4 per case

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