A Family of Artisan Brands

Since our founding in 2007, along with the SalamiStore, Zoe's Meats has grown to include: Daphne’s Creamery and Yioryo: Ingredients of Greece for Chefs. We continue to bring exceptional offerings to market by cultivating smaller artisan brands with strong investments in Marketing, Sales and Distribution. Explore our latest offerings from our newest members of the Zoe's family of brands: Two Chicks Jerky and Arvanitis USA.
Daphnes Creamery

Artisan Cheese & European Style Butter

Zoe’s older sister Daphne offers a unique selection of artisan cheese. Daphne’s Creamery is delighted to have received a Specialty Food Association Sofi award two years in a row for their unique specialty cheese, Fresh Goat Chévre and Snowy Cheddar.

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Ingredients of Greece for Chefs

Yioryo offers the finest Greek ingredients for chefs and home-chefs alike. Locally sourced in Greece and imported direct to your table, discover what makes these ingredients special in both presentation and taste. Our wild oregano takes food to an entirely new level.

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100% Grass Fed Beef Jerky

Formed in our home kitchen to supply a road trip across America, we sourced local grass-fed and finished beef for our two incredible jerky recipes. Many backpacking miles and a Kickstarter later, Two Chicks Jerky continues to keep it real by satisfying the most discerning jerky lovers.

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Greece's Most Awarded Feta!

Arvanitis history dates to 1980 with successful, quality driven cheese products in Northern Greece. Cheese-making has been a family tradition for over 40 years. Arvanitis started with Father, Manolis and continues with son, Michalis.

Arvanitis feta is Greece's Most Awarded Feta! The World Championship Cheese Contest recognized the quality of Arvanitis cheese and awarded Arvanitis Dairy with its Gold Medal Award. Arvanitis was the first Greek dairy business to receive a gold medal, as a recognition of unparalleled expertise and validation of love towards the cheese-making craft.

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