Management Team

George Gavros, Founder/CEO

Gavros' passion for food began at a young age working in his family's retail produce and specialty store in Quincy, MA.  George loved getting up early each morning to help his father select the finest products for their store.  After graduating from Harvard with Honors, Gavros carried this passion for quality foods throughout his career working in the food production and distribution industry.  Through his passion Gavros has gained an understanding of complex palates and consumer tastes.  He decided to create a company with best friend Charlie Hertz through which they could provide the best quality cured meats to consumers with a focus on community involvement and environmental stewardship.

Charlie Hertz, Co-Founder/Partner

Charlie Hertz is a microbiologist with a passion for quality foods and an anatomical understanding of how they are created.  Hertz graduated from the University of Wisconsin with Honors in Microbiology.  After college, Charlie spent time working for a third party lab evaluating USDA processing facilities for cleanliness, contamination, etc.  Hertz explains, "George and I love meat.  Since we met on a volleyball court some years back we have talked about starting a meat company which provides the tastiest, best quality products while supporting our environment and local communities.  Now here we are with Zoe's and we couldn't be happier!"