Mediterranean Chicken Breast

Mediterranean Chicken
Mediterranean cuisine continues to grow in the United States and what we have created is a product to fit those kitchens that don’t have the time, space or ability to cook their own chicken breast.  Or perhaps they are looking for a super consistent product. 

Zoe’s Mediterranean chicken breast is a pre-cooked product. We have modeled our chicken after traditional Greek chicken that is usually grilled or cooked in the oven but almost always includes garlic, lemon and oregano. Of course we made this product Nitrite Free because we expect to feed our little Zoe with it too. Most customers are going to julienne this chicken breast onto a sandwich or over a salad, but you can also heat it.  Warm up Zoe’s Mediterranean Chicken Breast on a grill, or in the oven to bring it back to life. Add your favorite sauce or a little olive oil.

Ingredients: chicken breast, water, dextrose, salt, carrageenan (rubbed with: garlic, lemon peel, spice).