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Artisan Uncured Salami Gift Set

Artisan Uncured Salami Gift Set

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Meat lovers rejoice! You won't believe what artisans can do with Salami. This is a perfect gift for those with exquisite taste and adventurous palettes. Special ingredients in each of these unique salamis create a full-flavored experience that will leave your taste buds­­­­ guessing.  Packed with high quality protein, they are perfect for snacking on the go, picnic lunches and entertaining with friends. Enjoy!

  • Uncured - No Nitrates or Nitrites
  • Gluten Free
  • Pork Raised with No Antibiotics & No Hormones
  • All Natural - Minimally processed with no artificial ingredients

Contains 3 of our 4oz Salami (in our customers' favorite flavors)

  • 1 Original Salami

    Special Ingredients: Pinot Noir Wine, Garlic and Black Pepper. Far from ordinary, this twist on traditional salami will satisfy even the most discerning guest.

  • 1 Ghost Pepper Salami

    Special Ingredients: Ghost Pepper, Tequila and Cilantro.  You'll appreciate the chili’s subtle sweetness and raw heat in unfolding layers.  We double-dog dare you!

  • 1 Absinthe Salami

    Special Ingredients: New Mexican Hatch Chili Peppers and Absinthe Liqueur. Enjoy at your own risk. May induce visions of delightful grandeur.